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Have Fun, Increase Your Confidence, Strengthen Your Group, All in an Afternoon

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Would you like a stronger team for a class or work project? Would you like easier interactions within a club or group of friends?  Do you enjoy a fun sense of adventure? If so, experience the Ropes/Challenge Course with the Department of Recreation and Tourism Management (RTM) at CSUN and start out strong with Project THRIVE! 

Project THRIVE is a free, fun way to promote reliance on yourself and your companions. THRIVE is funded by the Campus Quality Fee (CQF) grant and is designed to enhance student success.  This project is in its second year and groups who have experienced the program are raving about it.

Here are some of the participants’ responses: 

  • believe in your own abilities
  • communication makes teamwork easier
  • that I don’t have to do things all by myself.  I have a hard time as a leader relying on others, and I have support around me
  • that you can overcome fear even if it seems impossible
  • people are willing to be a part of your support system, it’s up to you to accept
  • to always lean on those near you & collaboration is always needed
  • learned to be open to ideas from others
  • how important communication and being supportive towards others is
  • don’t be afraid to just take a leap & go
  • communication & cooperation is what makes a team
  • working together is a powerful tool
  • I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to do
  • when we work together we can accomplish anything
  • learned communication and honesty build a strong team
  • things are more fun together
  • its okay to ask for help
  • that the ropes course is a thrilling experience and a great way for a team to bond.  I would highly recommend the experience to other organizations on campus
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The spring 2023 semester was the launch of the Project THRIVE. Most programs were scheduled for three to four hours with sessions beginning with team development exercises conducted at ground level in small groups. After these introductory activities, students received instructions on safety protocols so they could participate in team exercises on the high-ropes course. Seventeen different student groups were served from January to June (220 students).

A staff guide works with the small groups as they take on the challenges in the high teams course. Reflections and debriefing complete the day which includes an evaluation of the day’s experience.

What happens:
Throughout the program, students participate in formalized group discussions to reflect on how the team is working together.  At the end of the program, the teams share key insights and successes at a personal level and as a total team.

So, if understanding, a sense of fun, team cohesiveness, inner strength, and accomplishment are some of your goals, bring your team out for a few hours and discover this awesome way to get increased performance throughout the semester. You’ll work with Recreation and Tourism Management (RTM) faculty and students, and through low- and high-challenge activities. You’ll discover improved confidence and better skills for relying on your teammates, and you’ll show them they can rely on you! 

These challenges will nudge you out of your comfort zone – maybe even motivate you to leap from it.  

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A Practical Fun Fact:
Students can also get some of the same experiences–and class credit–through the course, RTM 310 GE in the Spring 2024 semester. And, students interested in working on our student staff team should enroll in RTM 151G Challenge/Ropes Course, it runs from January 20 – March 9, 2024.

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