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Sharing Accessibility Efforts Utilizing Teach Access

Are you ready to spread your accessibility efforts further and share accessibility knowledge and techniques with your students? An organization called Teach Access will help.

Teach Access logo.

The organization Teach Access is a partnership between the technology industry, higher education, and other stakeholders. Their goal is to graduate more students into the workforce with accessibility knowledge and skills, especially in technology-related disciplines.

For faculty, Teach Access offers training, an annual fellowship, grants, and a curriculum repository of open educational resources to help you incorporate accessibility into your courses. 

For your students, Teach Access offers monthly webinars, and have held Study Away events with Silicon Valley partners. The hiring toolkit and skills information are intended for their industry partners, but students may find them informative as they prepare and apply for jobs after graduation. 

Professor Dave Moon (Art and Design) and Dr. Li Liu (Computer Science) are liaisons to Teach Access. 

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