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Early Bird Accessibility

A few steps over the summer will mean a smoother start to the Fall semester for many of your students. Some possible ideas include:

  • Submit textbook and other instructional materials orders at least 8 weeks before classes start. This helps students by giving them plenty of time to ensure they have access.
  • Review any videos you’re be using for the accuracy of the captions. If you need assistance, contact the NCOD and/or UDC.
  • Check your syllabus for accessibility (in Ally, with Microsoft Office’s Accessibility Checker, etc.). An accessible syllabus gets everyone off to the right start.
  • Housekeeping: Remove files that are no longer needed from Canvas and other platforms. Contact the FTC to explore options if you’d like to archive some files.
  • Make sure your images and links have descriptions; get more tips at Just One Thing – Descriptive Text.
  • Peek at Ally for the rest of your course content and see if you have any other hot spots 
  • Come to training! Take a look at our workshop calendar for dates and information.
  • Schedule a consultation with UDC about any of the above. We’re here for you all summer.
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