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Do You Buy Tech?

Shopping for Tech? What's an "ICT"? banner.

The way the campus purchases technology is changing, and you’re invited to come to one of our live question-and-answer sessions to learn more about ICT Request in TOPdesk.

One of the ways we ensure that students and the rest of the CSUN community have access to campus technology and digital information is by checking for accessibility compliance during the purchasing process. Submitting the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Information and Communication Technology (ICT) form prompts an accessibility assessment by the Universal Design Center (UDC).

The ATI ICT form is moving to TOPdesk, the same solution used by the IT Help Center. TOPdesk brings many improvements. The new form is a web-based “smart” form that will be shorter for most purchases but expands with additional questions if needed. You’ll receive email updates, you can check the status of your request through TOPdesk Self Service, and you can communicate with the UDC by email or through Self Service. In addition, Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACRs or VPATs) will no longer be required for all purchases.

The new ATI ICT form was created with input from departments around campus, including the auxiliaries. Efficiency is one goal of the new solution, so with the new form, you are encouraged to submit the form earlier in the purchasing process so that the actual purchase can be expedited.

Departments around campus are piloting the ATI ICT form in TOPdesk now. Staff will switch to the new form by October 1, 2024. Faculty may use either form for academic year 2024-25 but are encouraged to use the new form.

UDC and Purchasing and Contract Administration are holding live forums throughout the spring semester. Join us for a demonstration of the new form and to get your questions answered, see dates and times on the webpage (link above).

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