Posted on by Karin A Crowhurst

First annual open house for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Drs. Teprovich and Eller hosted the 2023 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Open House. The event featured 15 hands-on demonstrations to local junior and high school students performed by our chemistry and biochemistry CSUN students. It also included seven large scale chemistry of energy demonstrations including: combustion of hydrogen and oxygen balloons, a thermite reaction, a self-carving melon, electrolysis of water, a hydrogen fuel cell, production of acid rain, gas forming reactions, use of a catalyst to accelerate reactions, and light emission from excited atoms. Visitors also enjoyed some home-made liquid nitrogen ice cream and a raffle for Amazon gift cards.  Overall, over 100 people attended the event including 76 students from 7 local junior high and senior high schools.  We hope to see you all again at next year’s Open House! A special thank you to all our CSUN chemistry and biochemistry students who volunteered and participated in the event: Israel Ayala Manzo, Connor Blair, Jander Cruz, Francis Godfrey Nikita Opel, Floyd Padilla, Christopher Pakhanyan, Casey Swafford, and Christi Thomas.  Your contributions made the event successful!

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