Posted on by Karin A Crowhurst

2nd annual Chemistry and Biochemistry Open House

On April 27th the 2nd Annual Chemistry and Biochemistry Open House took place. It was a very successful event, attended by ~60 people from the local community. This year we added a poster session to the festivities, and it was great to see all the excellent work being done by our undergraduate and graduate students in the department. Thank you to all the chemistry and biochemistry students who helped to make the event successful: Isreal Ayala, Connor Blair, Dylan CapittiFenton, Cesar Coronado, Kayla Cortez, Austin Ellis, Anthony Giron, Francis Godfrey, Vanessa Medina, Karen Melendez, Sergio Mouzaya, Nikita Opel, Mikaela Patterson, Wiraya Poungraram, Michael Rustom, Anita Shategh, Michael Shaw, Hovnan Simonyan, Christi Thomas, Joshua Vazquez, Eliseo Vergara Reyes, and the CSUN chemistry and biochemistry club.

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