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Meet a Family Studies Student and Alum and Discover their Inspiration

Meet a Family Studies Student and Alum and Discover their Inspiration
Graduating Senior Keyly Sandoval, and Alum Veronica Avalos (2011)

Keyly Sandoval

“….. ever since you mentioned Family Law in class, I have been so excited about it. I could not find any such courses at CSUN at this time, so I sought a judicial internship instead.”

Keyly Sandoval, a Family Studies graduating senior, is part of CSUN’s Judicial Internship program for juniors and seniors who are thinking about law school. There, she dives into the world of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

She has been is paired with an “amazing” mentor judge at the Van Nuys courthouse. She is spending a lot of time learning and watching various courtroom proceedings in civil, criminal, and family laws. She states, “This internship goes beyond regular law school lessons, giving us a firsthand look at different courtroom activities,” Sandoval said. “Under my mentor judge’s guidance, I have learned practical aspects of the legal field, like effective argumentation and the qualities needed to be a great lawyer. I have also seen instances of legal practices that courts do not approve of, teaching me important lessons about professional conduct. The judges are generous with their time, even taking questions during lunch.” 

She also says that the courses she has taken in Family Studies Pattern B, especially courses about resilience and current family issues, have given her a solid understanding of complex family situations.  “My courtroom experiences let me apply what I have learned in class to handle complex family situations and make a positive impact on the well-being of families through the legal system.”  Upon graduation, she plans to take the LSAT and apply to Family Law in graduate school. Her goal is to become a judge.

Veronica Avalos (Alum, 2011)

“I hope to inspire and continue to pave the way for students and future practicing professionals, to keep going and to continue the journey of passion. To my fellow FCS peers, these courses serve as a foundation for us to truly ignite the change that our community needs.”

In the Fall of 2011, Veronica Avalos embarked on an ongoing journey of growth and an abundance of experiences at CSUN, not knowing what to pursue, but with the burning desire to make an impactful change in her community. It was in her first FCS course that she knew she had found her major. After graduating with a B.S in Family Studies in 2016, she pursued an M.A. in Psychology with Azusa Pacific University. “My B.S. in Family Studies [from CSUN] laid the foundation that I needed to make the impact in mental health within my community of San Fernando, CA.” 

Realizing the need for mental health services within her community, she decided that in order to bring the social change needed, she would need to earn an M.S.W, which she did from the University of Massachusetts Global at the end of 2023. 

Through the years, she has gathered experiences that have shaped her as the clinician she is today. “Just to think that it all began when I took my first FCS class! I have my dedicated professors from the Family Studies option to thank for the continual opportunities of growth and for pushing me to not limit myself.” Now she enters the next chapter in her academic pursuit. She will soon begin her doctoral program with the University of Kentucky.

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