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Posted on by Harshavardhan Kosireddy

3 WINS Fitness Earns Honorable Mention

The American Kinesiology Association Student Awards (AKA) Committee has awarded Honorable Mention to CSUN Kinesiology’s 3 WINS Fitness in the category: AKA Community Undergraduate Student Group Impact.  3 WINS Director Steven Loy acknowledged CSUN Kinesiology sophomore, Saul Guzman-Munoz, for leading the charge to complete the 3 WINS video submission. Loy also extended thanks to alum (now in CSUN DPT) Mauricio Pineda, for providing the video editing expertise.

In his notification, AKA Student Awards Committee Chair Albert R. Mendoza wrote, “This undergraduate student group was selected as a finalist from others nationwide, and while not selected to be the winner of this year’s award, this honorable mention speaks volumes concerning their meaningful contributions toward increasing the physical activity, health, and quality of life of individuals in their community.” 

3 WINS principles are to empower participants and students, and improve community Health. 3 WINS Fitness dedicated to empowering individuals to improve their quality of life by building healthier minds, bodies, and communities.  3 WINS is comprised of university educated staff trained in the art and science of human movement. The goal is to enable the public to resist the prevalence of inactivity and dietary related diseases through the delivery of progressive exercise programs and health education courses. Programs are free. For more information visit the 3 WINS website.

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