Health Sciences students attended the CSU Sacramento Policy Conference
Posted on by Harshavardhan Kosireddy

Health Sciences Students at Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference

In spring 2024, Health Sciences students attended the CSU Sacramento Policy Conference, as they do every year. This year in particular, the department was fortunate to take sixteen CSUN Health Sciences students.

Health Sciences faculty Susan Cohen and Crystal Adams were the chaperones. The group traveled to Sacramento for a CSU-wide conference on health policy and learning about the legislative process.

Cohen said, “It was so rewarding for us as faculty to see the students’ enthusiasm and energy around the health issues we were discussing. Additionally, our students had so much pride about CSUN and in representing their campus. MANY shared how impactful this was for their growth and gaining a deeper understanding of what types of public health/health administration work they’d like to do.”

We love the involvement of our students and faculty in activities that will strengthen them in their future careers while giving them insight into their areas of study as they work through their degrees!

[Story and photo credit: spring 2024; Susan Cohen and Bethany Rainisch]

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