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Engaging Assistive Technology Studies to Provide Workforce Equity for People with Disabilities

Rebecca Cagle Adjunct Faculty Self Image

Rebecca Cagle, adjunct faculty for the CSUN Master of Science in Assistive Technology Studies and Human Services (ATHS) program, also works with colleagues at the University of North Texas (UNT) to develop the strength of the field overall.  She is participating in a joint US Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration grant through her unit (Workplace Inclusion & Sustainable Employment) at the UNT, in conjunction with the Texas Workforce Commission. The project will help individuals with disabilities transition from sub-minimum wage employment to competitive integrated employment with support and assistive technology. 

The assistive technology workforce is spread among many fields, including the fields of education, healthcare, human resources, and product design. The CSUN Master of Science in ATHS interweaves biological, design, and human services concerns relevant to assistive technology. It focuses on universal accessibility and the human device interaction across cultural and generational settings.

Assistive technology is used to improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Assistive technologists perform a variety of tasks, including evaluating proper assistive, adaptive, habilitative, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities. Assistive technology provides equity to its users and provides individuals with access to the community and the world. 

For additional information about the program, please visit or reach out to Dr. Vicky Jaque, the academic director, at

For those not familiar with subminimum wage, here is more info: Living on a Dime and Left Behind – Disability Rights Texas (

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