2nd place photo College Bowl 2023
Posted on by Summayah Waseem

2023 ACHE College Bowl Winners!

Congratulations to all our ACHE College Bowl Teams who presented today at Concordia University in Irvine. Here are the teams: 

2023 ACHE Statewide College Bowl Competition

Graduate Team

Health Innovations – 2nd Place

  • Aimee Edgell – Captain
  • Sara Mirzaian
  • Jessica Pelayo-Blanco
  • Alternate: Cathy Voong
  • First year: David Gomez
  • Coach: Ron Sorensen

Health X Management – 3rd Place

  • Xenia Cadenas – Captain
  • Stephanie Sanchez
  • Louis Rojas
  • Alternate: Andres Vargas
  • First year: Brian Burbank
  • Coach: Ron Sorensen

Undergraduate Team

Chamber of Originals

  • Lara Baghdasarian – Captain
  • Mikayla Sznicer
  • Joceyln Ayala-Alvarez
  • Karolina Stachowiak
  • Coach: Dr. Jennifer Newman

Very pleased to announce that our Undergraduates made us proud. Even though they did not place in the top of the field of six, they did a great job lead by their coach Dr. Jennifer Newman. All  expressed a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction with their performance. 

And our Graduate students won!!! We had two teams out of the 8 teams participating. Health Innovations placed 2nd and received a prize of $2000. Health X Management placed 3rd and received a prize of $1000. Both teams were expertly coached by Professor Ron Sorensen. We are so proud of all our students (and our coaches). 

2nd place winner College Bowl 2023
3rd place winner College Bowl 2023
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