Posted on by Melissa Soriano

Dr. Robert Kent Publishes 2nd Edition of “Latin America: Regions and People”

Urban Studies and Planning Department Chair Dr. Robert Kent has had the second edition of his popular book,”Latin America: Regions and People” published via Guildford Press this month.

Popular among students for its engaging, accessible style, this text provides an authoritative overview of Latin America’s human geography as well as its regional complexity. Extensively revised to reflect the region’s ongoing evolution in the first decades of the 21st century, the second edition’s alternating thematic and regional chapters trace Latin America’s historical development while revealing the diversity of its people and places. Coverage encompasses cultural history, environment and physical geography, urban development, agriculture and land use, social and economic processes, and the contemporary patterns of the Latin American diaspora. Pedagogical features include vivid topical vignettes, end-of-chapter recommended readings and other resources, and 217 photographs, maps, and figures.

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