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Cultural Competence and Accessibility

When we enhance instructional materials to make them accessible to all students, how do we ensure the changes align with our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging? 

Group of students viewing a laptop together and various captions and audio descriptions below the photo.

Cultural competence is “the ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one’s own” (DeAngelis, 2015). Understanding that everyone’s need may vary and by having cultural competence and ensuring accessibility, we reduce the barriers and marginalization for all individuals.  

We know we need to put the A for accessibility in our JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion). But how do we put the DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) in our accessibility efforts? And how does CSUN support this work in ways that are equitable to our faculty too?

Be sure to join us at noon on Wednesday, March 27th in person in Sequoia Hall, room 250A, or via Zoom for our Faculty Coffee Hour. Guest speakers from Africana Studies and our captioning provider, Verbit, will lead a conversation about ensuring our accessibility efforts honor our commitment to inclusion and belonging. Refreshments will be provided.

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