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Adulting 101 Builds Anticipation for Women’s History Month

By Teagan Davidge

Last month, the University Student Union held its first installment of the spring 2024 Adulting 101 series, Women in the Industry 101. At the event, Matadors heard advice from a panel of female professionals thriving in male-dominated fields. 

These experienced keynote speakers included film producer Christina Sibul, UX/UI designer Jessica Gonzalez, tattoo artist Charlyn Quirino, and engineer Marilyn Diaz.

“I am hoping that students will gain a sense of empowerment and confidence from attending this event,” said Ciera Sherod, USU Programs student assistant. “It is meant to instill the idea that these students, although they may have several obstacles to overcome, will be successful in their industries.”

Students shared their resumes, portfolios and cover letters to get professional feedback. The industry leaders provided many suggestions about  how to stand out in their respective fields.

“I hope the students gain the courage to continue to move forward. As a woman myself, we can get stuck in that imposter syndrome, like we can’t do it,” Programs Supervisor Sherry Butler said. “I want them to experience when they leave here that they can continue to progress. I hope that [the panelists] are able to answer questions that they might have been stuck on or needed an extra piece of encouragement.”

This inspiring informational session also was a precursor to Women’s History Month in March, which honors women’s contributions to American history each year.

“I am most looking forward to hearing the stories these women will share. I know all of them are incredible and I am super excited to hear what they may share with the students in this time,” Sherod said.

The female professionals also discussed methods of navigating the complex job market as women and landing their dream career role. Matadors were taught to be confident in themselves and to leave their self-doubt on the sideline when striving for success.

According to Butler, Women in the Industry 101 was built for the purpose of “encouraging women to remember that we are just as powerful, that we can succeed in very high positions and that we can be great.”

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