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Nazarian College Receives AACSB’s “2024 Innovations that Inspire” Recognition

February 12, 2024

AACSB International—the world’s largest business education alliance—today named David Nazarian College of Business and Economics to an exclusive group: its Innovations That Inspire member spotlight program. Nazarian College is one of only 26 business schools worldwide to receive the recognition in 2024.

The annual program recognizes institutions from around the world that serve as champions of change in business education. In 2024, the highlights feature unique ways that business schools are leveraging innovation to drive new value for the communities they serve. These schools are leading boldly to enable equitable access, empower problem-solvers, design timely curricula and credentials, deploy adaptive learning methods, create new knowledge, and develop societal impact leaders.   

AACSB International is recognizing Nazarian College for its “Professional Education Beyond a Degree” initiative, which combines college degrees with professional skills certifications to help graduates enter the workforce and secure better jobs.

“In a world facing social, economic and technological challenges, business schools are innovating to develop powerful solutions. Nazarian College exemplifies the unique ways that business schools create value and impact for their stakeholders,” says Lily Bi, AACSB president and CEO. “Through bold leadership and innovation, Nazarian Collegeis contributing to a better world, demonstrating the important role business schools play in our society.”

Chandra Subramaniam, dean of David Nazarian College of Economics and Business, says the college is honored to be recognized by AACSB International for its commitment to deliver more value to college students and employers through its “Professional Education Beyond a Degree” initiative.

“College degrees train students to think critically, develop intellectually and prepare for lifelong learning,” says Subramaniam. “We also want to prepare students with the immediate skills they may need to enter the job market. An industry certification allows that to happen.”

The college offers professional certifications and micro-credentials through its Career Education and Professional Development Center or CEPD.

Bob Sheridan, executive director of CEPD, says this unique combination is not offered by many colleges across the U.S.

“Our program marries skills-based certifications to the academic process,” says Sheridan. “The value of a degree combined with professional certificates and micro-credentials—which we offer at no additional cost to our students—is clear. Students are ready to hit the ground running, and employers have access to a college-educated workforce with the skills to immediately enter the job market.”

Now in its ninth year, the Innovations That Inspire initiative has highlighted 240 business school efforts that exemplify forward-looking approaches to education, research, community engagement, entrepreneurship, leadership, and diversity and inclusion.

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