Dr. Kassem Nabulsi
Posted on by Dylan Tran

The Department of Political Science Mourns the Passing of Lecturer, Dr. Kassem

A memorial service will take place December 17 at in the Whitsett Room (SH 451) from 4PM – 6PM.

Dr. Kassem Nabulsi, a CSUN Political Science alumnus and a long-time lecturer in the Department of Political Science passed away on Nov. 27, 2022 at the age of 69.  Dr. Nabulsi taught a wide range of courses for the Department in the areas of International Relations, Comparative Politics, and American Politics but the primary courses he taught regularly were Government and Politics of the Middle East and International Relations of the Middle East.”

Dr. Nabulsi was an Israeli by birth, American by naturalization, and a Palestinian by descent.  He was a Muslim who attended a Catholic high school and a Jewish nursing school, and worked as a nurse in an Orthodox Jewish hospital in Israel.  It is no wonder that his academic interests focused on the relationship between identity and conflict in the Middle East.

After emigrating to the United States, Dr. Nabulsi received his B.A. in Political Science from CSUN and his Ph.D. in Political Science from USC.  In addition to teaching a wide variety of courses at CSUN, he taught courses at Pierce College, UCLA, and from time to time, at other universities in Los Angeles.  His boundless energy, his eagerness to engage in dialogue on difficult and controversial political questions, and his self-deprecating sense of humor made his a unique voice among the faculty.  Above all, he was deeply committed to his students and making sure they have opportunities to succeed. 

Our condolences to Dr. Nabulsi’s family and all who knew him. He will be deeply missed.

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